7th Grade (The year of despair)

This was just the weirdest year of my life.

I knew that this year would be weird (and long) and that I would have to study for hours (sometimes days), but it was worst (in some ways). I met a guy (he who shall not be named) who knew how to bring my inner demon out of me, and I met a whole bunch of homework just waiting for me. But, it wasn’t all that bad.

Anyways, by October, I was use to ALMOST all the weird stuff, and that I now knew that homework is just a way of life. I also learned that stress is almost everywhere ,and that somethings just can’t be solved. I felt that school was like prison(because of the homework), but I had a good time.

By December, I was so excited-but not about school. Christmas vacation is around the corner! That was a good thing about this year, but I’m sure that you want to hear the worst(You are asking for a punch…in your mind).

For Spring break(Thankfully, there was no one from school who annoys me. You know that guy) I visited my cousins and my grandmother, and I have to say that it was the best week ever!(This year)

In May, the guy who likes to see my inner demon, made me realize that inside my inner demon-is one demon that has a taste for blood, but if we’re lucky, we will probably not see it. Thankfully, the year is almost done! So long demon whisperer!(Until next year) But anyways, have a great rest of the year and see you in 8th grade!

Sword Art Online Part 2

Read part one to understand.
An ‘upgraded’ poem style

Waking up to find that you’re still alive
Finding out that a ‘friend’ is still stuck in a game
Buying the game that the ‘friend’ is in
Meeting the enemy that’s a god in the game
Retrieving a friend who was gone
Helping a friend that you can’t remember
Doing magic that brings back an enemy from floor 74
Fighting the enemy and reuniting with the ‘friend’
Coming back to find that the enemy almost kills you
Getting the enemy arrested
Seeing the ‘friend’ looking at the stars

Going to a victory party
Having to go back to school
Returning to the memory of Sword Art Online
Wondering what is above floor 75
Checking out what wonders are there
Returning to the game that was once despair
The wonders he will see!

Childhood Movie

When I was little, I just loved to watch Harry Potter. It was the most awesomest movie in the world! I use to watch it everyday, and my brothers would say,” What? Harry Potter, AGAIN!?! NOOOOO!!!” Anyways it had magic and wizards, potions and other good stuff. And because I had it , it made me believe in fantasy. That’s why I wrote blog posts full of fantasy and awesomeness. I needed to express myself. Without my love of fantasy, my blog would be dull and full of stupid stuff(possibly). (I would probably be in a hot pockets commercial!)

Before Harry Potter, life was dull. When it came, life actually meant something to me(Well, it meant more to me). Life has now guided me to more movies, like “The Hobbit” and “Star Wars”. Harry Potter made my love for movies. I would watch movies for hours and I still do! Instead of playing video games(At home) I would watch whatever sounded good to me! Now I like movies(A lot). And it’s all because of Harry Potter. Let’s just say that it gave me a wake up call.

My Favorite Quote

There lots of thoughts in the world, and hopefully most of them are good. Some of the good thoughts are called quotes, that’s because people say them out loud. But here is the main idea, what is my favorite quote? One of my favorite quotes is ,“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” This quote is by Oscar Wilde, an Irish writer and a poet. Why is it my one of my favorite quotes? I tell you why.

I like this quote because it tells me to not try to be someone you aren’t, such as a geek trying to be cool by taking of his glasses and putting on sunglasses. Be a geek, and be proud to be one. You don’t have to be some cool guy to have a good life, just be yourself and everything will turn out fine(but if your a robber or some bad dude, do the opposite of what I’m saying, and stay different for all of us).

I also like this quote because it also tells you that everyone is taken, and what that means is that if you try to be someone your not, it will be weird to your friends. You may think it’s cool, but it’s mostly not. Just be yourself, END—OF—CONVERSATION.

I just thought of something to add on to the quote,”Just be yourself, everything will turn out fine.”


The tasty, and crispy fries dipped in cool favorable ketchup. The only known (To me) branded tender burger, with so many great toppings to go with it. And don’t forget the soft drink machine, that with just a few taps and a push, you can get your favorite soda by yourself. Sorry P. Terry’s, you’re good, but I’d get BurgerFI any day.

BurgerFI is the best burger place in Austin(sorry P. Terry’s), wait… heck with that(sorry for the language…not really) , the best burger place in the world! One thing about BurgerFI is that they have a soda machine that has tons of different flavored sodas and sports drinks. Such as a cool refreshing orange powerade to the greatest soda in the world, (my world, that is) a cherry coke. I also heard that the soda machine costed $2000! That’s a lot of money, and guess what? They have two! Oh ya, BurgerFI is the best!

Another reason why BurgerFI is the best, is that BurgerFI has tons of toppings for their fries (Oh that’s right! The fries are better than P. Terry’s by a lot.). You can get your fries with cheese,salt and vinegar(Kind of weird, but sounds good), and much more toppings! But be careful, if you get the cheese fries, they put it on the fries and not in a dipping source(Not that it matters). Anyways, BurgerFI is the best.

If you want a burger go to BurgerFI! They have delicious, tender, and juicy hamburg… ugh,this is making me hungry! I’m going to BurgerFI people. Peace out!

The Map of Homework: part 2 the stupid multiplying demons

The story is back! So on to the tale.

Woah— that was all that I thought as I enter the Town of Facts. There was multiplying potions, wizard gear, and things to help me on the journey. As I walked around with my wizard staff a guy from a shop called Hizda ,Gizta’s workshop of Stuff…Izta(What is with the bad rhyming?!?) walked up to me and said,”Would ye like ze sword to help ye journey?” I thought for a moment, then said,” Sure, but I don’t have any money.” He then replied,”Sure ye do, its in ye pocket.”(What is with the ye’s?) As I look at my pocket and all I can think is, WHAT—THE—HECK, there is some money called adders in my pocket.”Zit will be five adders.” He said. “Sure…” I replied,”My name is Kar—Netsrak, just Netsrak(My name backwards).””My name zis Gizta. Come to my shop if ye want ze sword or zomezing!” Gizta replied, running to zis(his, sorry too much Gizta in my head.) shop.

“WELCOME TO ZE SHOP!” Gizta yelled at the top of his lungs,(God— now that was what you call loud)”Look around if ze want to!” And as I looked around I spotted the most captivating sword in the world. The blade of smooth silver, the golden handle with Fraction’s dragon(I saw a picture of it on the map), and the on the tip of the blade lied a silver fire that never dies.” Zat is the sword of Fraction,” Gizta said, his voice was smooth and steady… that’s weird, for Gizta that is.”The sword zis called Fraction’s golden laced sword of the ever silver burning fire.””How much does it cost?” I asked. “HA! Zit’s not for sale, ze only way to get it is to beat the Demons of the multiplying guild. Zey has not lost in three years!” Gizta shouted. Until now that is.” Where do I sign up?”I ask.”Here.” He replied a bit worried. “I also would like to buy a thing called “Wizard staff Secrets”. What’s that?”
” Oh, it enables you zo switch zo different elements that could be unlocked, you already have earth, and math.”He replied.(Math’s an element in this world?)” Wow! There’s 10 elements!”
“There’s more actually, you zan find out more as ye go!”
“Well I’ll see you later!” I say, running out to find a hotel (or something like that)
“Ze ya! Visit anytime!”

So this is what adventure feels like! What a rush! As I pay the hotel for a room I think about this day. If it’s real. Because if it is, I have a big day ahead!

End of part 1 of the Stupid Multiplying Demons.

Hey bloggers and friends! I’ve been think of making a series for this, I just wanted to let you know! If you think I should, post it in the comments! If I get some yes’ I’ll be posting a new one every 2 or 3 weeks! Keep being awesome!

Video Games

The music, flowing into your ears. The stories and tales. The characters that you can buy. Video Games are awesome!

The thing about Video Games is that they bring you to a whole new world. You can now explore things beyond Earth. New world of untold stories! To a world where fantasy is real! What could we do with out Video Games?

There is also now a new thing that you look forward to on the weekend. You can spend up to hours or days if the game is long (and fun!). Video Games takes you and eats you up! You will(maybe) love Video Games! As a wise man once said(ME!),”What would we do with out Video Games?”

Well, we all know what I’m saying here. And that is, Video Games are awesome!

Why chocolate is harmful

Chocolate can hurt you. Do you want to know why? (No!) Too bad! I’ll tell you anyway!

One way is chocolate can hurt you physically.  Have you ever had chocolate stuck on your hands and as you try to take it out, you trip? One way to avoid this is to put the chocolate in the freezer before you eat it. Who likes warm chocolate on a warm day?

Chocolate can also hurt you mentally. One way is that think what could happen if you sit on warm chocolate. You could be the laughing stock of the school(I’m pretty sure that there is no reason to explain). The humiliation could stick with you for life (HA, get it?). One way to avoid this is to again put it in to the freezer, or you could be more alert(sorry!).

My suggestions are to either to eat chocolate on special occasions, you could avoid chocolate(nobody really does this), or you can be more careful.
Otherwise, chocolate can be harmful.

My New House

Today is the day. The date Jan. the 31 of 2014 ,and today is the day of my night in the house that I’m moving to. I haven’t been to the house for a few days, and I wonder, what changes have they made to the house? When are they taking our stuff out of storage? Are we sleeping on the floor?( Ok, I wasn’t worried about that last sentence, anyways back to the topic.) As we drove to the house, tension started to build up. Then we stopped. We’re at the house.

Woah. That was all that I was thinking when I came to the house. I looked at every room. We had a study for my dad ,two dining rooms, a small kitchen (but that did not matter), four bathrooms, three showers, three bedrooms, a laundry room, a garage, and a room for all my games (yes!). Though we will be sleeping on the floor today, I’ll know that sleeping in a pretty bad hotel for 26 days just to have this house, was worth it.